unravel the secret: How to get more power out of a 4.7 Toyota

Just as our bodies crave energy, our cars also hunger for it to perform at their peak. Now being an owner of Toyota you might be thinking how to get more power out of a 4.7 Toyota.

Fret not! You have landed at the right place. If you are driving your Toyota on winding roads and challenging terrains and yearning for an extra punch of power to get amused by thrilling rides then this article is for you. 

Toyota 4.7 can get more power and perform better by upgrading the throttle, exhaust, cooling, and brake system, weight reduction, and with the help of regular maintenance.

Here we will let you know how to Turn your Toyota into a powerhouse.

Install a turbo

Install a turbo
source: wardsauto

A turbocharger or supercharger also known as a power adder spins the turbine that drives a compressor. This compressor forces more air into the engine and consequently increases the power of the vehicle

Here’s How it works to generate more power.

1. Increased air:

Turbocharger upgrade allows more air to enter the engine. The more air enters and combines with the fuel, the more power it produces. Increased air pressure enhances combustion efficiency which in turn generates extra power. 

2. Intercooling:

Intercooling in the turbocharger cools down the air before it enters the engine. Since cooler air is dense it boosts up the power of the engine. 

Full exhaust system upgrade

Exhaust system upgradation generates high power when it improves exhaust flow.

Here’s how it works efficiently in generating a high amount of power.

  • Large diameters and better and smoother internal designs of high-flow exhaust make the engine breathe effectively. 
  • Exhaust system upgradation reduces backpressure and in turn, exhaust gases leave the engine more easily. When back pressure reduces engine expels gases effectively maximizing the horsepower. This improvement in horsepower affects the overall performance of the engine in a positive way. 

Throttle body upgrade

Throttle body upgrade
source: volant.com

The throttle body controls the air entering the engine. Sometimes it gets stuck and drags down engine power. Installing a large throttle body can solve your problem by increasing horsepower. 

Here’s how upgrading the throttle body enhances the power of the engine

  • Improved airflow: A large throttle body lets air move easily and allows the engine to breathe easily which results in increased power output.
  • Upgraded designs: Advanced designs of throttle bodies improve its response upon pressing the accelerator and as a result engine works more efficiently during acceleration. 
  • Upgrade brakes: Upgrading brakes is not directly linked with power boost up but it makes the braking system better. since it controls the power of the vehicle so its refurbishing increases power too. When the braking system works effectively then it automatically minimizes the risks and ensures safety. 
  • Upgrade cooling system: Upgrading the cooling system bolsters up power of the engine by maintaining optimal operating temperatures. But keep in mind that the cooling system is not directly responsible for enhanced power but it makes an ideal environment where the engine performs optimally.

Here’s how cooling system upgradation leads to increased power

  • Reduces overheating: We know that overheating reduces the power of the engine and causes wear and tear in inner parts but the cooling system lowers the burden on its components and makes the engine work at optimal temperature 
  • Stops Detonation: One of the major side effects of overheating is detonation and the cooling system saves the engine from this havoc and helps increase its power. 
  • Uninterrupted performance: Consistent engine temperature guarantees it’s smooth working and output comes in the form of enhanced power.
  • Cold air intake: The cooling system makes the air cool and cold air is always dense burns the fuel better and in turn increases power

Weight reduction

Weight reduction
source: gvche

Unnecessary burden on the engine reduces its efficiency so try to minimize it as much as possible. If you have ever wondered how removing extra items from the Toyota can bring drastic changes in engine performance. 

You can do the following things to lower the burden on your vehicle

1. Remove rear seats and install lighter body panels:

You can remove back seats and other material body panels and wheels can be swapped for carbon fibre body panels and lightweight wheels. 

2. Higher acceleration and lower inertia:

Lighter vehicles have high acceleration and low inertia and this enhanced acceleration and reduced inertia give extra power to the wheels and it results in an increase in the overall performance of the vehicle. Removing burden from the vehicle means you have minimized the heavy workload of the engine and now it is ready to produce more power. 


1. Can I install a turbo on my 4.7 Toyota myself?

Installing a turbocharger is a complex procedure that requires high skill and expertise. It is advisable to seek professional help to avoid any risks and complications. 

2. Can power increase improve the fuel efficiency of my Toyota?

Increasing power leads to increased fuel consumption but this problem can be solved by adjusting the air-fuel ratio in the engine. 

3. Can upgrading the Toyota exhaust system make it louder?

Yes, upgrading the Toyota exhaust system makes it sound aggressive. For some people this sporty and louder sound is enjoyable but for others it is irritating. So it is better to listen to these sound clips before you go for an exhaust system upgrade. 


In conclusion, getting more power out of a Toyota 4.7 involves some modifications and upgrades. Weight reduction, installation, and upgradation of various systems are beneficial and mandatory to enhance the power and also increase the lifespan of the vehicle.