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Picture yourself in the big world of Snapchat, where friendships shine like stars in the night. But how can you tell who means the most to you? That’s where Snap Planets in Order can help!

Snapchat Planets in Order show your best friends on Snapchat. Each planet stands for a different level of closeness based on how much you interact. It’s a fun way to see who you’re closest to in the app.

If you want to learn more about Snap Planet Order or find out about other cool stuff, check out the simple and fun info I’ve got for you below!

What is Snap Planets In Order?

What is Snap Planets In Order?
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Snap Planets are more than just celestial symbols; they represent your dearest friends on the app. Each friend is depicted as a unique planet, forming a captivating solar system of your social bonds.

This visually engaging feature offers insight into the dynamics of your friendships and adds a dash of cosmic charm to your Snapchat experience.

How Many Planets Exist in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System?

Within your Snap Planets solar system, you’ll discover a total of eight planets, each symbolizing a different level of closeness with your contacts.

These planets serve as markers of your social orbit, offering a delightful way to identify and celebrate your top friends on the platform.

1. Mercury – Your Closest Confidant: 

Representing your closest friend on Snap Planets, Mercury shines as the planet of intimate connection. It signifies the individual with whom you share the most snaps and chats, embodying the essence of friendship at its core.

2. Venus – A Strong Second: 

Venus emerges as your second-best friend, radiating warmth and camaraderie. This planet denotes a robust connection and frequent interaction, marking another significant bond within your digital sphere.

3. Earth – Grounded Connections: 

Earth embodies your third-best friend, symbolizing a deep bond and regular communication. As the third planet in your solar system, it reflects the diversity and richness of your social connections.

4. Mars – Consistency and Camaraderie: 

Mars signifies your fourth-closest friend, highlighting a consistent level of interaction and mutual camaraderie. It reinforces the strength and resilience of your friendships in the digital realm.

5. Jupiter – Expansive Relationships: 

Jupiter corresponds to your fifth-best friend, representing a meaningful relationship built on trust and mutual respect. As the fifth planet in your solar system, it underscores the expansiveness and diversity of your social network.

6. Saturn – Stability and Longevity: 

Saturn represents your sixth-closest friend, symbolizing loyalty and shared experiences. This planet emphasizes the stability and longevity of your friendships, fostering a sense of trust and companionship.

7. Uranus – Valuable Connections: 

Uranus denotes your seventh-best friend, signifying a valuable connection and mutual support. As the seventh planet in your solar system, it showcases the depth and breadth of your social interactions.

8. Neptune – Cherished Bonds: 

Neptune emerges as your eighth-closest friend, representing a cherished bond and meaningful connection. As the eighth planet in your solar system, it underscores the diversity and richness of your social relationships.

How Do You Discover Your Place in Your Friend’s Snapchat Solar System?

How Do You Discover Your Place In Your Friend’s Snapchat Solar System?
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All you have to do is visit your friend’s profile and tap on the “Best Friends” badge. With just a simple click, you’ll uncover your unique position within their celestial circle of friendships, giving you a glimpse into your planetary status.

Do You Need Snap Planets Plus To See the Planets?

Yes, you’ll need Snapchat Plus to access the Planets feature. It’s like having a special pass to unlock exclusive perks, including the Friend Solar System.

With Snap Planets Plus, you get to enjoy cool extras such as customizing your app’s icon and seeing who’s watched your story again.

How Can You Become Someone’s Best Friend on Snapchat?

To become a best friend on Snap Planets, it’s all about building and nurturing your social connections. Keep the interaction alive by sending snaps, starting chats, and maintaining streaks. These little gestures strengthen your bond and move you up the ladder of friendship on the platform.

What Do the Emojis on Each Planet Mean?

The emojis on Snap Planets are like tiny symbols of friendship magic. They each have their own unique meaning, whether it’s hearts, stars, or other cute symbols.

These emojis reflect the special moments, affection, and the bond you share with your friends, making every interaction on Snapchat feel extra special.

How Do Friend Solar Systems Work?

Friend Solar Systems in Snap Planets are like visual representations of your closest friendships. If you’re a Snapchat+ subscriber, you’ll see a special ‘Best Friends’ badge with a golden ring around it on someone’s Friendship Profile. This badge shows that they’re among the top eight friends you snap and chat with the most.

By tapping on the badge, you can find out which planet you are in their Solar System. Each planet represents a different ranking in their Best Friends list, giving you an idea of how close you are to them.

For new subscribers, the Solar System feature is turned off by default. You can easily turn it on or off in your Snap Planets+ settings, depending on what you prefer.

Why Might Someone Disable the Snap Planet Friend Solar System Feature?

Why Might Someone Disable the Snap Planet Friend Solar System Feature?
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People might choose to turn off the Snap Planets Friend Solar System feature for various reasons. It could be because they value their privacy, want to keep their friendships discreet, or simply prefer not to have this feature visible.

By disabling it, they can have more control over their social interactions and visibility on Snapchat, ensuring their experience aligns with their preferences.


1. How do you see Snap planets? 

To witness the captivating beauty of Snap planets, users must subscribe to Snap Planets Plus, unlocking access to the mesmerizing Friend Solar System feature.

2. What planet is number 1 on Snap? 

Mercury claims the coveted title of being the number 1 planet on Snap, symbolizing the user’s closest and most cherished friend.

3. What do the planets mean on Snap maps? 

The planets on Snap maps serve as visual representations of your social orbit, depicting the ranking and proximity of your closest friends within your digital realm.

4. What does the ++ planet mean on Snap Planets? 

The ++ planet on Snapchat signifies a significant escalation in friendship level or interaction intensity with a particular friend.

5. Can people tell if you have Snap Planets Plus? 

No, the status of having Snap Planets Plus remains discreet and undisclosed to other users, ensuring privacy and discretion.

In Conclusion:

In summary, Snap Planets make Snapchat more fun by showing who your best friends are. They give each friend a special planet based on how much you talk to them. Whether you’re Mercury’s top pal or Neptune’s buddy, exploring your Snap universe is a cool way to enjoy Snapchat even more!

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